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Guild News

What's a Dodo?

rosseloh, Mar 3, 12 6:40 PM.
Destroyers of the Faith has merged with members of Honour and Glory and Rogue Mercenaries, to form Odyssey. Contact Merser in-game if you're interested in joining the new guild.

Destroyers of the Faith's First 50

Akkarinn, Dec 29, 11 7:38 PM.
Congratulations to Ulda for becoming DotF's first person to level 50. Now help power level the rest of us there!


rosseloh, Dec 19, 11 9:18 PM.
Prepare for ungodly lag on all servers!

Kidding aside, welcome to Destroyers of the Faith. If you've found this website without seeing us in-game (on Belgoth's Beacon), send a tell to Turn, Stingzz, Thestud, or Lenda for an invite if you think you're a good match.

Early Access Begins!

rosseloh, Dec 14, 11 8:44 PM.
Looks like at least two of our officers have received their invites now, and I should be getting in tomorrow, so in all practical terms, the game is on! Belgoth's Beacon is our server.

Please contact me on the website if you'd like to apply to the guild, or give Stingzz and Thestud a shout in game.
Recruitment Process
Thank you for your interest in our guild! We in DotF use a Sponsorship Recruitment Process to build our ranks. 

The 1st thing that need to be done if you are interested in joining Destroyers of the Faith is to apply!
Click here to visit the application forums. Please be sure to read the Application Guidelines thread.

  • Your sponsorship is important to us! 
    • Once you have applied you will be invited to our recruit channel. 
  • Once the Application is reviewed and accepted, you will enter our required Week(s) of "probation".
    • You will need to group with different guildmates
    • Visit with an officer at some point for any questions they/you may have.
      • These are done so you can mesh well with guild members
  • Once those are complete you have to have sponsorship with at least 3 guild officers
  • After those are obtained you're in!

This is not a checklist. These are just things that you would be doing when joining a guild anyway. We want you to do these BEFORE you join because we want you to make sure this guild is what you're looking for. 
Guild Charter
Welcome! we are Destroyers of the Faith - a family-oriented group of players with vast MMO experience. We are looking to expand our army of Sith Lords, Ruthless Imperial Agents, and Merciless Bounty Hunters to pay homage to the Dark Side in The Old Republic. 

We have been called to arms on the Belgoth's Beacon server. Our guild focuses on grouping, raiding, and PvP, mainly in evenings (5-9PM) and weekends EST. We are a group of mature people who like to have a good time above all, and are looking for like-minded mature gamers who don't mind helping out when a friend is in need, and who are here mostly for the fun. Those who like to cause drama need not apply. We like to keep our population semi-low to maintain camaraderie, and we focus on the quality of our members, not the quantity.

We have a Ventrilo server and require, at the very least, that you log in and listen even if you do not have a microphone, as it makes communication easier in any MMO.

We are currently accepting most classes, with a heavy focus on healers and melee DPS (we are currently full up with DPS Mercenaries, though we will consider your application as well as we would any others if you choose to apply). If you are looking to wreak havoc on the galaxy, or prey on unsuspecting Jedi, Troopers, and Smugglers, contact any of the officers in game: Stingzz, Turn, Merser and Lendal.

Our raid and flashpoint guidelines are as follows:
  • Be ready to play at least 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. This means being logged in, at the travel point, having useful supplies (medpacks, stims) for your class, and your gear repaired, BEFORE we run the instance. We like to get the ball rolling when scheduled, not late.
  • Loot distribution for raids will be handled by a three-man unbiased "council" who will examine the circumstances, and determine who of the group will most benefit from a drop. Basic example: if you can't use a piece of gear, then you likely won't be considered; if you can wear it but don't need it, you will be low on the scale; if it will be an upgrade for you, you will be high on the scale; if you've been running the same instance many times in a row to get that piece but others have won the draw every time, you may get special consideration. Note that this is only an example, and every situation is different. The only thing that is set in stone is that the "council" will not make their decision based on any friendships or other relationships with the person(s) in question.
  • Loot distribution for flashpoints will be handled via the in-game roll system. If a piece is an upgrade for you and someone else doesn't need it more (as determined by discussion in Ventrilo), roll need. If you will just sell it or are taking it for cosmetics, roll greed. If you don't need it and don't want it, click the X button to pass.
  • These rules are all currently in deliberation by the officers, and can change at any time.

We do request that guild applicants are at least 18 years of age.

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Ventrilo Information
Guild Members:
Please at least log in and listen whilst in game - being in Vent helps us organize runs and communicate while playing.

Port: 34169
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